Apprenticeship rise impresses city MP Stewart

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FIGURES have shown that the number of people taking up apprenticeships in the city has increased far above the national average.

The news was welcomed by MP for Milton Keynes South, Iain Stewart, after he was pleased to learn that 730 new apprenticehips were started in his constituency for the first three quarters of the academic year.

This figure represents a 28 per cent increase from figures quoted for the previous full academic year.

The data also showed that the proportionate increase in the number of new apprenticeships in Milton Keynes South was much larger than the figure of just seven per cent in the south east and a figure of 17 per cent across the whole country.

Mr Stewart is a long time supporter of apprenticeships and other courses which combine work and study to help fit around the personal circumstances of those involved as they allow people to learn on the job, gaining valuable experience.

He said: “I am really delighted by these figures as it goes a long way to confirm Milton Keynes as one of the cities to watch for economic recovery.”

“Local employers recognise apprenticeships to be a sound platform for long term economic prosperity.”