Are city males too shy to date?

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A CITY speed dating club is using MK Dons footie power to tackle the problem of a lack of single men.

Organisers Maria Snow and Sarah Hall (pictured) fear Milton Keynes males are too shy, too scared or even too TIGHT to make the effort to find their perfect partner.

“We organise all these lovely events and attract crowds of beautiful women but hardly any men turn up. We just couldn’t understand it so we decided to find out just what has happened to all the single men in this city.”

The pair, who run speed dating and dining club When the Music Stops for ‘discerning professionals’ who are over 30, picked their first target – the stadium:mk.

“We waited until there was an MK Dons home game and trudged round the entire car park, putting invitations to join our club on every car,” said Maria.

The determined duo then moved to the male-dominated world of car tyre and exhaust depots, leafleting all customers’ cars.

“We expected spectacular results but it was disappointing. The Milton Keynes males have continued to hide,” said Maria, who even organised the speed dating session in a pub, the Slug and Lettuce, in a bid to attract more males.

“In other parts of the country, men are perfectly happy to join dating clubs and keen to find a partner. But for some reason in Milton Keynes they won’t come forward.

“Some of the women think it’s because local men are shy, others wonder if they’re perhaps too tight to pay the joining fee.”

Now Maria and Sarah have decided to eliminate the latter suggestion by waiving the entry fee for all men who attend the next Slug and Lettuce session on Wednesday April 6.

When the Music Stops can be contacted on 07415 474682 or 07973 145969.