Are you part of the Union?

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Ordinarily, cheers coming from the vicinity of stadium:mk herald another Dons back of the net performance – Man U memories, anyone?

Not so this week, though.

The cheers will be every bit as impassioned, but it won’t be Lewington, Alli and Grigg causing the outpouring.

Instead, the noise eruptions will be for a quartet of pop-pickers who rose to fame on The X Factor and haven’t looked back since.

Josh, George, JJ and Jaymi – aka Union J – are topping the bill at Saturday’s Non Stop Pop party at arena:mk

The lads issued their second album at the tail end of last year, so there will be plenty of tracks to thrill fans with.

When they headed out on their debut UK and Irish tour, per head they shifted more merchandise than any other act in the world to tour Europe, apart from some mob called One Direction.

When Union J dolls were released, signing sessions were such a hit that streets were closed down and the band required a police escort. Crikey.

Speaking about the tracks that make up the album You Got It All, JJ said the songs ‘feel organic.’

“They’re the sort of songs that you can still sing even when they’re completely stripped back. We want to have strong vocals, big choruses and intense drum beats.

“We love the Beach Boys Californian style and feel that works for us,” he said.

“We’re sticking to our pop roots and heavy vocals.

“But music is changing and we are adapting to it. We sound more live, and more like a band,” he promised.

Union J might top the pile at Saturday’s show, but our own Bailey McConnell is pretty hot property, too!

He will play to the home crowd just before heading Stateside to conquer the US.

“I’m so happy to be doing a gig in my home town for a change,” Bailey told us.

“It seems like I haven’t done anything here in Milton Keynes for a long time.

“The arena:mk is such an amazing venue... the show is going to be insane.”

Fellow X Factor finalists Stereo Kicks and Britain’s Got Talent Harry Mondryk complete the billing.

Tickets for the show are on sale at £14.

Doors open at 5.30pm and the show starts an hour later.

The show is set to finish at 9.45pm.