Armed police hunt for “dangerous” man who chases after schoolchildren in Milton Keynes

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Armed police searched in vain for a mystery man who threatened four schoolchildren and chased after them on a redway yesterday.

A worried dad of one of the youngsters has put out a warning to parents all over Milton Keynes - and discovered the man may have struck on two previous occasions.

“I put his description of Facebook and two people messaged me to say a man of the same description had threatened their children too,” said the dad.

“He is clearly extremely dangerous and needs to be caught.”

The dad said his daughter and her friends, who are all 12 years old, are still traumatised by what happened.

The two boys and two girls were walking home from Stantonbury Campus school at about 3.20pm when the man and his dog approached them on the redway, near the underpass between Bradville and Heelands.

“He started shouting abuse at them, using the F word and the C word, and generally acted in a very threatening manner,” he said.

The terrified youngsters tried to run away from him but the man gave chase, sprinting at high speed along the redway.

“One of the girls managed to run off into the woods and hid behind a tree, while the two boys gave him the slip by hiding underneath a car,” said the dad.

“My own daughter managed to run off towards some houses and banged on the door of one of them in a petrified state. The people kindly took her in and looked after her.”

A member of the public witnessed the man’s behaviour and dialled 999. Within minutes an armed response unit turned out, but they failed to find any trace of the culprit.

He is described as white, in his 20s or 30s, with short hair. He was wearing a black football top, football shorts and carrying a dog lead, which he threw on the floor before the chased the children.

He has an accent which may have been Scottish and the children believe he was under the influence of drink.

The dog was a terrier-type, possibly a Staffie.

Bizarrely days after the incident, police asked the Citizen to publish a statement saying no offence had been committed by the man, who was merely “trying to speak” to the children.

A police spokesman said: “It was alleged that a man was chasing a group of children, in fact he was trying to speak to the children who ran off after allegedly acting in an anti socially.

“Following an investigation, we have concluded that no crime has taken place. Thames Valley Police has spoken to all parties and the matter has been resolved via discussion.

“I would stress that although an armed response unit attended the scene this was only because it was the closest police vehicle to the scene at that time, and that there was no perceived armed threat during this incident. Armed response units provide wider support to local policing and other specialist departments. For example, when not engaged in armed operations officers can assist in the form of operations, patrols, warrants and arrests, as well as other police work.”