Armed robbery at Fraser Hart jewellers in thecentre:mk

Fraser Hart in thecentre:mk was raided earlier today
Fraser Hart in thecentre:mk was raided earlier today

ARMED robbers have escaped with a quantity of watches following a raid on Fraser Hart jewellers this morning.

The raid, involving three robbers, took place at 10.17am at the shop situated next to the Disney store in thecentre:mk.

Milton Keynes Police said sledgehammers had been used to break-in to the store.

A spokesman said officers are currently in pursuit of the robbers.

One witness told the Citizen: “The shop was filled with smoke and there was a guy with a black hoodie.

“There were lots of mums and toddlers there. It was really frightening. I ran away as fast as I could.

“A number of people were walking towards me so I was just shouting at them, ‘get out of there, get out of there’.

“The smoke was as thick as milk, I couldn’t see how many people were in there.

“One woman was actually hiding and diving down on to the floor.

“Another guy was on the phone calling 999.

“I was about a metre and a half away from the shop so I got away as fast as I could.”

The witness added that she believed one of the robbers had a gun, but police said they couldn’t confirm that. A spokesman from thecentre:mk told the Citizen that CCTV showed none of the robbers had carried guns.

Anyone with information about the robbery should call police on 101.