Arresting artwork

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In the summer of 2013, MK Gallery gave a welcome platform to the creative arm of Milton Keynes with the superb MK Calling exhibition.

Two years on, and in their wisdom, the folks at MKG are once again opening the doors to the local side; the exhibition returns from July 2.

MK Calling is designed to explore the breadth of creativity in, or inspired by, our new city and submissions are being taken until May 1.

Quick, get your act together, and visit

> We must also make mention of the current MK Gallery Project Space collection, Transformation, which still has a few days viewing potential remaining.

If you’ve not yet read about, or better still, taken a look at the show, it features artworks made by inmates from several regional prisons, including HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

One piece, Don’t Count the Days shows a man looking out of a prison cell.

“Often this is what most of us do a lot of the time, and this can lead to stress and depression” explained its creator, “However I found that, rather than count the days, it is more worthwhile to make the days count instead.

“This can be done through trying to better yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Transformation shows until Sunday and admission is free.

> ARTfull is hosting the seciond portfolio of work by artist Katy Jade Dobson, in thecentre:mk on Saturday.

The Phosphenes Collection is a selection of oil work coupling classic inspirations and techniques with contemporary deliverance.

Katy will be in store at thecentre:mk between 11am and 3pm.