‘Art liberates you’, says Mr Connolly

Billy Connolly artwork
Billy Connolly artwork

HERE at GO! towers, we like Billy Connolly: We like his humour, his outlook, the way he gets cooler as he gets older, and we like that beard of his.

And we’ve just discovered we like his artwork too!

The Scots chappie has a wee limited edition collection of six prints on sale in Castle Galleries, on Acorn Walk in thecentre:mk

The pictures, including this one on the right, titled Sandy & Andy McKay, are collectively known as the Born on a Rainy Day collection.

The pen and ink pieces took Billy two years to create, and they’ve been gaining plenty of interest since their arrival.

Pete Viet Lu, manager at Castle, says: “There is nothing contrived or intended about Billy’s work; it is creativity in its purest form.”

And the comedian and musician behind the work views Born on a Rainy Day quite apart from his other artistic leanings.

“Art, for me, bears no relation to comedy or music.

My art is pure and un-judged.

“I am creating it for myself.

“It is personal and private...art liberates you.”

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