Artist goes online to raise uni funds

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Artist and illustrator Hayley Warnham is turning to the Internet to raise funds for her Royal College of Art studies in October.

With educational funding hard to come by in these tough economic conditions, she has chosen to take an alternative route by means of the online crowd funding platform Indiegogo where she believes it “crucial to use more innovative fundraising tactics” to reach her goal.

The global funding platform Indiegogo, allows her to set a number of days to raise all the funds for her course, rewarding supporters of her creative pursuit with ‘perks’ or gifts to say thanks.

When asked about why Indiegogo was appealing, she said: “It allows me to spread the word about my project quickly to a larger audience online. Being able to connect with people worldwide is invaluable to my campaign, and it allows me to give something back in the form of ‘perks’ to show my appreciation.”

Hayley was recently accepted to study at the Royal College of Art for her Master of Arts degree, but the costly tuition fees have placed a financial burden on her plans, leaving her with the tough decision of whether to turn the offer down.

She said: “I’ve been on the funding trail since discovering I was accepted, and was hoping that through savings, my job and potential grants and bursaries I would be able to cover my costs – but it just hasn’t been that easy. Discovering Indiegogo has opened up another doorway for me, providing me with an alternative route to reach my funding goal.”

More creative’s than ever are turning to crowd funding platforms such as Indiegogo as a means to fund their projects, and many have seen a great success.

The Royal College of Art is considered the ‘world’s most influential postgraduate art and design school’ boasting an impressive selection of graduates, including Tracey Emin, David Hockney and Christopher Bailey of Burberry.

Hayley said: “The opportunity to study at the Royal College of Art is a dream come true for any creative, and would undoubtedly place me in amazing stead for the professional world that awaits me after education. I’m hoping the financial pressure won’t cause me to cut my dream short, and the result of this campaign will allow me continue forward on my creative journey.”

To learn more about Hayley’s Royal College of Art campaign and to get involved, visit her Indiegogo project page here