Artistic Adam goes on show


A STUDENT from the University for the Creative Arts has been selected to show his work at the Royal Academy of Arts’ prestigious Summer Exhibition.

Adam Hiles, from Milton Keynes, is a recently graduated architect and has had his unique ‘Airside Isometric’ work selected to go on display at Burlington House until the middle of August.

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Established in 1769, the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is the largest open contemporary art exhibition in the world, drawing together a wide range of new and recent work by established, unknown and emerging artists.

Adam, said: “It is such an honour to have my work selected for such a prestigious exhibition.

“I went to the show a few weeks ago and it was surreal to see my work among the famous names of Britain’s prominent architects.”

Adam’s work, is a large isometric parallel projection drawing of an under-used RAF airfield.

It is currently hanging on the walls of the Architecture Room alongside works by Lord Richard Rodgers and Lord Norman Foster.

Adam explained: “My work shows the airfield as an agricultural production and distribution facility which utilises the airfield and its surroundings.

“A large hydroponic structure surrounds the runway and aircrafts, interwoven with facilities for passengers.

“I’m very proud to be selected for such a prestigious exhibition and I’m really excited that so many people from around the world will be able to see my work and will hopefully raise my profile.”