As seen on TV: Abdul shares diabetes tips

Abdul RaisAbdul Rais
Abdul Rais
A Milton Keynes man is one of the faces fronting up a new campaign, which sees people living with diabetes sharing their advice with others.

As part of the campaign, 100 Things I Wish I’d Known About Diabetes, a free book cates has been published by Diabetes UK, full of everyday tips offered by people living with diabetes for other people living with diabetes.

Abdul Rais, aged 60, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1999. Abdul, who is from a Pakistani Muslim background, supports people to improve their management of the condition which is more than six times more common in people of South Asian descent.

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Abdul will be seen in TV and print adverts for the campaign, which is also being promoted through TV, online and in print advertising.

With new figures showing that 700 people a day are diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, the charity says people often say their diabetes diagnosis leaves them isolated and with unanswered questions.

The charity has enlisted people with diabetes to share tips across every aspect of life with the condition, from work and relationships to holidays, eating out and working out.

Abdul said: “I am happy to support the campaign because the book looks at various aspects of life and provides quotes from real people living with diabetes.

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People learn from each other’s experiences and it also makes you feel that you are not alone. When newly diagnosed, it can be quite a daunting experience trying to come to terms with diabetes.”

To order a free copy of the book, see