Attacked prisoner wakes from coma after six weeks

Woodhill Prison
Woodhill Prison

A Woodhill prisoner who was almost killed in an attack by another inmate is finally making a recovery after spending weeks in a coma.

The 27-year-old man received life-threatening injuries when he was assaulted on November 20.

He was rushed to hospital, where his family was told he had serious brain damage.

This week, for the first time, doctors have said the man’s condition is “stable”.

Police are investigating the assault but nobody has yet been arrested or charged.

They are also investigating another unrelated incident between two prisoners that happened a week later.

Trouble-plagued Woodhill was recently slammed in an official inspection report for being overcrowded, understaffed and suffering a rising number of serious incidents – including four deaths in custody in one reporting year.

The staff shortages meant activities had to be restricted for inmates “in order to maintain a secure environment,” said the report, which was published by the Independent monitoring board.

Meanwhile the family of the injured prisoner has called for a full investigation into his attack.

“We want to know what happened, how they allowed it to happen, what the motivation behind it is and what type of safeguarding is in place,” said his sister.

“It all need to be resolved,” she added.

A spokesman for the prison service said: “We do not tolerate violence of any kind in prison and have systems in place to deal with perpetrators quickly and robustly.

“We recently announced a new joint protocol with the Crown Prosecution Service and will always press for the most serious charges to be laid against those who carry out assaults,” he added.