Attempted murder was self defence, claims lesbian lover.


A businesswoman who stabbed her lesbian lover as they lay in bed together told a court she acted in self defence.

Married mother-of-two Chooi Cheung said she and her lover, Milton Keynes Chinese restaurant chef Leng Hie Tiong, were in the bottom of a bunk bed at a Fishermead shared house.

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Mrs Cheung said as she struggled to keep her lover at bay in the darkness she reached out and found she was holding a knife.

She told a jury at Luton crown court, where she is on trial for attempted murder, “I was self defending, she was hitting me and I didn’t know where I was hitting her. We were very close to each other and we were struggling. I didn’t know it was a knife in my hand at the time. I wasn’t aiming at anyone.”

Ms Tiong, who is also known as August, received a very deep laceration to the left side of her neck, which was life-threatening, along with wounds to the head, cuts to the back, neck shoulder and arm, a jury have heard.

The prosecution claim she was attacked by 53-year-old Mrs Cheung during a row over money.

It’s been alleged that the accused had lent her lover thousands of pounds which had not been paid back.

The attack happened in the early hours of Thursday December 12 last year at a house in Padstow Avenue, where the victim was living.

It is said to have happened because Mrs Cheung feared she was going to return to Malaysia without paying back £38,000.

Mrs Cheung denies attempting to murder Ms Tiong on Thursday 12 December last year.

The jury have been told the 38-year-old had previously worked for Mrs Cheung, who was also known as Julie, as a chef at her restaurant.

She told the jury of nine women and three men: “We developed a sexual relationship. She was my girlfriend.”

By December last year, Ms Tiong was working as a chef for another employer at the Zen Garden in Central Milton Keynes.

During the trial the jury have heard claims that the victim had borrowed thousands of pounds from her lover.

By December of last year that amount was put at £38,000 and, despite rows and fall outs between the woman, there was no sign that it was to be paid back.

In the witness box Mrs Cheung claimed she had been persuaded by her lover to sink £18,000 in a supposed investment opportunity back in Malasia.

She described Ms Tiong as a heavy gambler and as a result she said she had lent her lover thousands of pounds.

The prosecution claim the defendant brought the knife to Milton Keynes from her home in Birmingham and attacked Ms Tiong as she lay in bed.

In the witness box Mrs Cheung said her lover attacked her first by banging her head twice on the metal ladder of the bunk bed.

She told the court “I loved her, she could only pull my heart strings. That’s why I let her go on using my money again and again and again.”

She said as she reached out in the bed she found something in her hand - but had no idea she was holding a knife because of the struggle that was taking place.

The trial is continuing.