Author links Milton Keynes to huge Illuminati conspiracy theory

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that Milton Keynes is the centre of a huge Illuminati secret.

The theory which was posted online, suggests MK is filled with symbolism including pyramids and mythical markings which relate to the cult.

Even the initials – MK – has sparked suspicion.

According to theorists, the initials refer to the CIA secret project code named “MK-ULTRA”.
This is similar to the secret intelligence project “ULTRA” based in Bletchley Park.

The MK-ULTRA project allegedly involved administering chemical hypnosis drugs, hypnosis, isolation, sleep deprivation and other forms of experimentation.

The function of MK-ULTRA may never be known, but some suspect the project was set up to commit assassinations or political murders.

According to a popular conspiracy, the CIA’s mind control programme was run by the Illuminati, who also commissioned and planned the building of Milton Keynes in 1967.

Even more ‘suspiciously’, Milton Keynes was also built on an American grid system, which some claim is evidence that it was designed and constructed by US-based members of the Illuminati.

Pyramids and pyramid-like structures are located across the town – another favourite among conspiracists investigating the idea of the Illuminati.

Egyptian in origin, but strongly linked to the conspiracy, the pyramid with the “All Seeing Eye” above it features on the US dollar bill, suggesting mankind is being watched.

James Willis, the author of ‘Mysterious Milton Keynes’ explains that conspiracy theorists all over the world have identified countless links between the Illuminati and MK.

The book claims the city’s structure, buildings, statutes and sculptures are all linked to the Illuminati.