‘Awful smell’ makes Tesco customers sick

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TESCO have apologised to a customer after her Monday morning shopping trip was cut short due to ‘the most awful smell.’

Janet Maidment, from Old Farm Park, was shopping at the Kingston store with her two-year-old son at around 9.45am when they first sensed the odour, ironically in the cleaning aisle.

“The smell and air was so acrid that it stung my eyes and gave me an instant headache,” Janet said. “However it affected my son more. He began gagging and was almost immediately sick because of the environment.

“I mentioned it to the duty manager who informed me there was some maintenance work being carried out at the top of dairy the aisle, and floor tiles were being stuck down.

“I have never ever smelt anything so terrible that had such an instant affect on me and worse so my son.

“We had to leave Tesco immediately as I had to get my son home to change his clothes and put what I could of his buggy in the wash.”

Tesco confirmed that maintenance was being carried out on Monday morning, and that environmental health had agreed that sufficient care was taken in cordoning off the area to ensure it was safe for customers.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear a customer experienced some discomfort while in one of our stores.

“We always ensure that any construction work taking place in our stores is carried out under strict health and safety guidelines, as it was in this instance.”