Baa-rilliant rescue by firefighters saves life

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A rescue operation took place yesterday after a four-legged woolly animal took a baa-d tumble and ended up in the River Great Ouse.

Firefighters flocked to the scene in Stony Stratford, just off the High Street, at around 12.15pm to find a sheep had fallen into the river and managed to ram itself into a tight squeeze.

A member of the public who was out walking by the riverbank called 999 after seeing the sheep in the river in an area where the bank was quite steep.

Bucks Fire and Rescue spokesman, Fraser Pearson, said: “An officer was sent out to assess the situation and he called for a crew from Great Holm Fire Station as it was clearly not a job for one person!

“Firefighters put on their drysuits and personal flotation devices, attached a line to the sheep and managed to lead it about five metres along the river to a point where the bank was not so steep.”

One firefighter in the river and three on the bank then gently pulled and lifted out the sheep to safety, without it suffering any injuries.

Mr Pearson added: “It ran off to join its friends in the field!”