Baby who came back from the dead

Baby Lucky Lee
Baby Lucky Lee

A BABY who miraculously came back from the dead has been given the only name possible – Lucky Lee.

The tiny tot was without a flicker of life for almost 12 minutes after he was born 10 weeks prematurely at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Said mum Ann: “My placenta ruptured just before he was born and it literally sucked the blood out of the baby.

“When he came out he was pure white in colour, like a tiny wax doll. There was not a drop of blood in him, and no heartbeat.”

Ann watched for 10 agonising minutes as a crash team of eight doctors pumped Lucky’s heart, compressed his chest and injected adrenaline.

“Then one of the doctors said: ‘It’s not looking good. We’ll give it two more minutes and then we will have to call it a day.’ He said the baby had been dead for so long he faced brain damage through lack of oxygen.”

But as 30-year-old Ann and her partner Roy prepared for the worst, there was a gasp from the doctors.

“One said: ‘This boy just breathed on his own!’ They were amazed.”

The baby, who had emergency blood transfusions, was whisked off to the neonatal unit. Shell-shocked Ann and Roy were left discussing a name for him.

“We’d planned to call him Georgie. But after what we’d just witnessed, there was only one name – Lucky. He would be Lucky Lee,” said Ann, who has four other children.

The 3lb 7oz tot went on to live up to his name even further. By the following morning he was not only pink and healthy – but breathing totally unaided.

Since his birth on June 30 he has had two head scans and astounded doctors by showing no sign of brain damage.

“Everyone here loves Lucky Lee,” said Ann. “They all call him a little miracle.

“We will always be thankful to neonatal specialist Dr Jasper Katumba and his team for bringing our baby back from the dead.”

Ann and Roy expected Lucky to stay in the neonatal unit for two months. But once again the baby has defied medics by guzzling breast milk and growing exceptionally quickly.

Now, at just under 5lb, he is due to go home next week.

Said Ann: “He is a truly lucky baby. And we are the luckiest parents in the world to have him.”

> Less than £70,000 is needed for the Citizen-backed Little Lives Appeal to reach its target of £250,000 to extend and refurbish the life-saving neonatal unit. If you would like to help call the hospital’s fundraising manager Vanessa Bootle on MK 826690.