Backlash after national newspaper describes Milton Keynes as '˜woefully short of beauty' and here are 12 pictures which dispel that myth

A national newspaper's description of Milton Keynes as a place 'woefully short on beauty' has caused an angry backlash on Twitter.

Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 6:23 pm
Updated Saturday, 1st September 2018, 10:09 am

The saga started when the Daily Telegraph’s digital travel editor Oliver Smith published an article on Monday about why “boring” Buckinghamshire was the most underrated county.

In it he wrote: “Then there’s Milton Keynes, which is big on roundabouts but woefully short of beauty.”

12 pictures which prove Milton Keynes is not 'woefully short of beauty' as claimed by The Daily Telegraph

MK professional photographer Gill Prince, who supplies images of MK commercially all over the globe, immediately took to Twitter to refute the claim.

City businessmen who go under the title @scenesfromMK swiftly joined in.

They publish regular tweets of “images and moments in time, from in and around Milton Keynes, which may surprise, delight or amuse followers”.

Followers jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting their own images of lakes, sunsets and beauty spots.

Gill Prince has now challenged Oliver Smith to come and see MK for himself.

“Calling it woefully short on beauty is 100 per cent false. Come and visit us and we’ll show you,” she said.

The creator of a book called Unexpected:MK, Gill has a stock folder of hundreds of scenic prints of the city and supplies images of MK commercially all over the globe

The photos on this page are some of her favourites. More can be viewed on