Baker uses his loaf to help feed the hungry with MK Food Bank

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A TINY bakery is literally using its loaf to help the Citizen-backed Food Bank charity.

Bread enthuisiasts John and Venetta Leyland run The Tiny Bakery community company from their house in New Bradwell, producing daily batches of healthy, home-baked loaves from the finest quality ingredients.

The couple rose to the challenge when they heard about the hundreds of hungry city families who are helped by MK Food Bank.

The charity is currently struggling to fill its shelves because the summer holidays have meant a drop in donations, but an increase in demand – particulalrly for families with children.

John and Venetta launched their Use Your Loaf scheme using one of their most popular loaves, the traditional crusty cob. For every one of these sold, they will donate another to the food bank.

They are now hoping other bakers all over the city – and even the entire country – will follow their example to support the food bank principle.

“Since beginning Use Your Loaf in Milton Keynes we have already had requests from other bakers across the country who want to ask their customers to do the same,” said John.

He and Venetta launched their business to make additive-free traditional bread available to people who have never tasted it before.

“We started Use Your Loaf as a way of asking existing cutomers to share their passion for our bread with people who fall into food crisis,” said John.