Band amazes net

Frantic Alice; picture by Total Chaos Photography
Frantic Alice; picture by Total Chaos Photography

MK rock band Frantic Alice have amassed 100,000 views on their music video in the first week of posting it on Youtube.

The video for single So In Love was only released on Friday, August 31 but within a few days had reached 50,000 hits.

At the moment, the view count on their Youtube video is at 150,000.

Guitarist Jim Terrill said: “We didn’t expect it really. The views came out of nowhere but we are really stoked that so many people have seen our music video.”

The video is also Frantic Alice’s entry for Marshall Amplification’s Band Contest where bands have to post a performance of their music online.

The winner will receive a performance slot at Download Festival in 2013 and an endorsement from Marshall Amplification.

You can vote for Frantic Alice at