Bankrupt Milton Keynes GP owes his neighbour £1.5m after “fraudulent” land deal

Aggrieved: Mr Amarjit Banwaitt
Aggrieved: Mr Amarjit Banwaitt

A leading city GP has been accused of ruining his neighbour’s life by owing more than £1.5m and failing to pay him back.

Dr Mohammed Dewji was ordered by the Court of Appeal two years ago to re-pay 64-year-old Amarjit Banwaitt after persuading him to invest in a dodgy Cambodian land deal.

Dr Dewji

Dr Dewji

But the GP has since declared himself bankrupt - despite still being senior parner at Hilltops Medical centre at Great Holm.

A court heard he transferred assets to his wife, but his former golfing buddy Mr Banwaitt says he has never received a penny.

“He has ruined my life and taken my life savings. Everything I worked towards for 40 years has gone,” claimed Mr Banwaitt,

who ran Knights Pharmacy in Bletchley’s Queensway.

Today he still lives next door to Dr Dewji’s luxury house in Whitworth Lane, Loughton.

“It is a situation so intolerable that I spend most of my time in Thailand, living as cheaply as I can, to avoid this man,” he said.

“My health has suffered and my wife is suffering too. We trusted Dr Dewji and he has made our lives hell.”

Mr Banwaitt was told his cash would go towards buying 400 hectares of land in Koh Kang very cheaply. The plot would then be sold to a hotel chain for a high profit.

The intermediary for the land deal, a man from Cambodia, was sent to prison for fraud.Dr Dewji told the court that he too was a victim and unaware of the fraud.

Mr Banwaitt said: “Dr Dewji is a man who has an MBA degree and he ought to know how to conduct business. He had no business carrying out such a large deal in a dodgy country”.

The Citizen tried to contact Dr Dewji at Hilltops Medical Centre, where his wife runs the successful private LasaDerm clinic.

Both Dr Dewji and Hilltops failed to respond to our request for a comment.