Banned vans bother estate

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CAR chaos is being caused by vans and lorries which have been poorly diverted around roadworks, according to one city councillor.

Currently, the A5130, which runs past the Broughton hotel, has been closed for widening and lorries are being diverted around the road.

However, the diversion signs are so small and unhelpful that they are taking people through Broughton – where a lorry ban is already in place.

The worry is that vehicles will drive through areas where there are traffic restrictions, get stuck, and then try to perform u-turns in roads that they have trouble driving on the first place.

Councillor John Bint, who serves the Middleton ward, said: “It is clear that the lorry ban is not working.

“And because the signs are so bad we are seeing them getting stuck down roads they really shouldn’t be down in the first place.

“The major thing is that there are two problems that have been put together to cause chaos.

“The road being closed and the roadworks being put in place leading to the diversions have together caused one big problem.”