‘Bargain’ 99p bid for a car

dan ebay
dan ebay
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AN enterprising worker who can’t afford to buy a car has made a cheeky bid to get on the road – via ebay.

Dan McElearney has offered HIMSELF as an advertisement on wheels for any company wanting to donate a vehicle adorned with their livery and logo.

His entry on the auction site is billed under ‘car ad bid – possibly the best ebay auction ever’.

The starting bid of 99p is the minimum amount companies would have to pay Dan to drive their fully insured vehicle for two years.

“I think it would be a good deal for someone,” he says.

“I do a lot of miles all over the country and the company’s logo and advertisements on the car would be seen by thousands of people.”

The 26-year-old even spent hours counting the cars that pass outside his home, which is opposite Tesco in Wolverton.

“The average was 1,200 vehicles an hour. So even when my car was parked all those people would see the advertising.”

Dan works part-time selling cleaning products and travels all over the country.

“I have to use buses at the moment and I really need a car of my own. But there is no way I can afford it.

“I spent ages thinking of ways I could get a car and then finally came up with the ebay idea.

“I admit it’s a long shot and some people might think it’s cheeky. But there must be someone out there who can afford to give me a car in exchange for all that advertising.”

Dan’s ebay bid urges businesses to consider the financial advantage of donating a car.

It states: ‘If you consider how much you would be prepared to pay for advertisements and divide it by 730 days, the chances are that you will see an extremely cost effective method of advertising, especially considering there’s a full-time driver thrown in.’

The ad was placed on Monday and, as the Citizen went to press, there were no bids.

“I’m not giving up hope,” said former Radcliffe pupil Dan.

“I still think it’s an idea that would work. I think Alan sugar would be proud!”