Barney over Parks Trust’s proposed removal of Peartree Bridge dinosaur

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THE loss of a life-size triceratops could cause a psychological slump for hundreds of residents, an expert has claimed.

Social psychologist Linda Corlett is protesting about proposals from the Parks Trust to develop green spaces at Peartree Bridge for housing.

The famous dinosaur field and nearby paddocks are among a list of green field sites submitted to Milton Keynes Council as potentially suitable for housing in the future.

Linda said: “I am very strongly against any proposals to destroy these beautiful environments. As a social psychologist I believe their destruction will have a hugely detrimental effect on the psychological health of our residents.

“We have very little as it is. We have no health or sports facilities... our dinosaur field is the one thing that gives our small community a sense of identity.”

The field has been used in the past for community fetes, while the horse paddocks are enjoyed by nature ramblers and dog walkers, said Linda.

“To destroy them would harm the beauty of the city, which is quickly becoming little more than a concrete jungle... We shall end up as an inner city slum if our natural resources are taken away from us.”

The Parks Trust list of suggested sites spans the entire city and totals 45 acres. It includes a large chunk of land near Willen Lake, several pubs and countryside at Woughton on the Green.

Chief executive David Foster says many of them are small pockets of land inherited by the charitable trust and none of them is considered to be an integral part of the city’s parks system.

All the suggested sites will need planning permission from the council and be subject to statutory public consultation.