Barratt points the way to memory inscriptions

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Artwork designed with the help of residents of Barratt Homes’ Waterways development in Old Wolverton is now installed.

The work, collectively called Poetry Posts, are steel signposts with phrases remembered by local people about the area, inscribed on them.

To that end, visitors can expect to see posts including ‘Stopping at the kissing gate’ and ‘Going down the Blackboards to the Pancake Hills’ on their travels.

“We spent time with the older residents of Old Wolverton, as well as children from Slated Row School and other groups, and used their ideas and memories to create a piece which we feel captures the community’s past and present,” explained artist Tiffany Black, who worked on the project with Leora Brook, of brook & black.

Hilary Saunders, Chair of Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council, which advised on the project, said: “These unusual signposts are a unique work of art for all at Waterways to enjoy, and we’re grateful to Barratt Homes and brook & black for providing them.”

Andrew Swindell is managing director of Barratt Northampton.

“It was good to see the money allocated for the public art project was put towards the creation of such quality and timeless pieces which should stand the test of time as part of our Waterways development,” he said.

“As a developer we want to build communities as well as homes, and supporting projects such as this is a great way to do that.”