Batten down the defences

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STOKE Goldington evacuated last week as floods swamped the village – so said the scenario.

Residents taking part in the testing of flood defences turned the Village Hall into a stronghold last Thurday as part of the national scheme highlighting the dangers of coastal, river and reservoir flooding.

Councillor Vanessa McPake, the MKC Cabinet member responsible for Emergency Planning, for flood and water issues, said: “These exercises are useful for if the real thing happens and everyone always learns valuable lessons.

“For example, the emergency rest centre exercise will show how closely we need to work with the local community – after all they are the ones most affected.

“Over the past couple of years the council has worked hard to ensure that we’ve had additional measures put in across the borough to prevent flooding.”

Earlier in the week, a simulated flood exercise was carried out in Newport Pagnell, while residents of Stony Stratford had special preventative measures installed. These include pumps installed in the floor, as well as special flood defence ‘door’ covers which slot in easily over an external door, to provide a very quickly installed water resistant barrier.