Battle over "dangerous" derelict buildings at historic Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes

War has broken out about the state of derelict historic buildings at Bletchley Park, the Citizen can reveal.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 11:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 11:31 am
The derelict buildings

Fascinating pictures emerge showing inside historic secret war hub in Milton Keynes before renovationThe old G Block and the wartime staff canteen building are both in such a dangerous state that MK Council served an official improvement notice.

It ordered the owners Bletchley Park Capital Partners (BPCP) to clean up the sites by March 14 after police and the public deemed them a health and safety concern.

But BPCP have ignored the deadline and now face an enforcement action battle if the council takes them to court, said Conservative councillor for Bletchley Park, Allan Rankine.

The derelict buildings

He is concerned about children roaming the unfenced buildings.

He said: “Our hard-pressed police officers are being constantly called to the site and they tell me the site is a danger with broken glass, exposed wires and holes in the floors.

“Fires have been lit and the fire service has been called out to these buildings on numerous occasions.”

Resident Nabeel Nazir said: “To date nothing has happened and the situation seems to be deteriorating. The flimsy fencing designed to keep kids out as been moved and anyone can walk straight in and access the buildings through open windows.

Conservativecouncillor for Bletchley Park, Allan Rankine

“I am really concerned that a child is going to get injured If action is not taken soon “.

The two buildings are due to become part of a Cyber College run by a company called Bletchley Park Qufaro Ltd.

In January 2018 Qufaro co-founder Tim Reynolds, who also founded Bletchley Park Capital Partners, assured the Citizen that work would start within days on the college.

But they remain seemingly untouched - although ironically Qufaro’s website now states the “sensitive renovation” of Block G and the canteen has already begun.

The derelict buildings

This week a spokesman for BPCP said the hoarding was due to be erected on April 1.

She said: “These buildings are going to be taken care of and will come to life. I am so excited about it.. Things are happening but maybe people cannot see them.”