‘Be on your guard against thieves at the funfair’, say police

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Police have sent out a warning against pickpockets ahead of Campbell Park funfair, which begins tomorrow.

Officers says that it is easier for a thief to act unnoticed in crowded areas.

A police spokesman said: “Fortunately there are normally very few offences committed at the Funfair, which runs until 8 November this year, and by following the below advice we can help to try to ensure it stays that way.”

- Keep your phone and your purse/wallet in a pocket on the inside of your jacket. Large, baggy pockets and outside pockets are easy for someone to dip their hands into.

If possible do not have your mobile phone out so it could be snatched from your hand.

- Cover or remove expensive jewellery so that it does not become a target for thieves.

- Keep your handbag securely closed to prevent anyone taking items without you noticing. Consider using a handbag alarm to alert you should someone try to take the bag or contents. Ideally aim to use an over the shoulder handbag and wear it across and to the front of your body.

- Never leave your handbag or other property unattended. Do not leave your handbag hanging over the back of a chair, including a wheel chair or push chair, where someone could take it or the contents.

- If someone tries to take something from you by force, it may be best to give it to them. This will help you avoid being injured.

- Register your stuff on www.immobilise.co.uk. Police search this database when they find stolen property. In the event your stuff is stolen, there is a greater chance that it’ll be returned to you.

- Mark your valuables using a UV pen or forensic marking kit. Visit www.securedbydesign.com for further info on property marking or contact your local Neighbourhood team on 101.

- Always stay with your friends and don’t get isolated on your own in an area that you may not know very well.

Further information on personal safety can be found on the Thames Valley Police website www.thamesvalley.police.uk’W