Beanhill could be destination estate

Residents on an estate regularly voted the ‘worst’ in the city are aiming to change people’s perceptions and make it a destination estate.

People living on Beanhill, fed up with negative views of them and their homes, are looking to show their community spirit by turning the estate into a place people would be proud to visit.

Sue Smith, chairman of the Beanhill Action Group, said: “We are looking to tidy up the shops and get new signs if possible. We also want entrance signs for the four entrances to the estate.

“We are always voted as the worst estate but we are the best for community spirit. People around here all talk to each other and help each other out.”

The action group has applied for funding from the Big Lottery and will then be also going to WREN and Biffa to build a new water park, with water-friendly equipment, as well as Milton Keynes Council transferring land to Woughton Community Council for allotments.

Mrs Smith said: “We have a number of different organisations working together on this estate. We have the Women’s Institute, Brownies, Regenerated Teenagers, Allotment Association and Surestart Children’s Centre.

“And we hold coffee mornings and other events. We have a Facebook page dedicated to this area and we all share details on it to look out for one another.

“We want to make this an estate that people visit for something and the water park and allotments could do just that. We want to give the people of this estate something they can be proud of.”

Despite this residents feel slightly aggrieved by work already done.

Sue said: “There are potholes in the road which have been covered in patches and the original red is coming through underneath. We care about our estate.”

Hannah O’Neill, councillor for the Woughton Ward, said: “They are an amazing bunch of people on the estate and the work they do is fantastic. As a community they do so much and a lot of work has been done there.

“People don’t get to see that as you really have no reason to drive through it but in terms of making it a destination estate I think that anything is possible with those residents, I really wouldn’t put it past them.”

This Saturday an It’s a Knockout event will be held between 12pm and 2.30pm on the estate football field and Miss O’Neill is set to be a team captain for Beanhill Action Group. There is a £50 entrance fee with a chance to win up to £300, if 12 teams enter. The money raised will go towards local groups and charities.

For more information contact Sue Smith on 01908 476043.