Beating a musical path...

Dan Plews
Dan Plews

BACK in 2010 songwriter Dan Plews hosted a singing workshop he called Aortas.

Since then, the new city figure has filled his time founding a company by the same name with the idea to expand around the UK, but also to reach into new territories, with songwriting and traditional music workshops in Poland, Slovenia, Ireland and Germany.

Others liked his vision, and he has been awarded EU funds to move forward.

All this activity is worked around the ‘day job’ – teaching in the music department of Northampton’s College and University students.

“Aortas stands for Association for Oral Traditions and Songwriting – traditional music and songwriting being my two musical passions,” Dan explains.

“...and while Milton Keynes music scene doesn’t need defibrillation, I kind of thought it could do with a bit of a heart massage, so I’m opening its shirt and jumping on its ribs.

“I’ve got a first aid you want to see it?”

In addition to this crescendo of musical activity, Dan is making sure that his locality gets the chance to turn up the volume too, with a weekly open mic slot at The Vaults Bar in Stony Stratford.

“It’s low key, but high quality acoustic music,” Dan says.

This Sunday, pre-open mic time, Dan will host an Aortas reception and website launch in The Bull Hotel Bar.

Pop along and enjoy some food and a chat about forthcoming Aortas plans, which include song-circles in Stony Stratford, and songwriting and traditional music workshops in those far away places we mentioned earlier.

The event starts at 6.45pm and rolls through to 7.30pm, when The Vaults takes over, with live music through to 10.30pm.

Meantime, go check the website at your leisure: