Beloved pet Dudley lucky to be alive after horror attack

MPMC Dudley 1
MPMC Dudley 1

A beloved pet dog is lucky to be alive after being savaged by three greyhounds while out on his daily walk.

Owner Natasha Piper was horrified when Dudley, a little Maltese shih tzu cross was attacked and mauled by the hounds near Lodge Gate in Great Linford. She tried to fight off the animals but the attack left her pet needing emergency veterinary treatment.

MPMC - Dudley 2

MPMC - Dudley 2

A distraught Natasha said: “It was absolutely horrific. I can not even begin to explain it. It was like something out of a horror movie. I am still struggling to come to terms with it.

“Dudley was on his lead, when a lady with three greyhounds came towards me. I moved to one side, and she moved to the other.

“She did have her dogs on leads, but in the past she had them muzzled, but not on this day.

“They pulled, ran straight across me and went for Dudley. They completely mauled him. The vets say he is extremely lucky to be alive.”

Natasha described how the dogs had Dudley in their jaws, and just wouldn’t let go.

She added: “I tried and tried to prise their jaws off him, but they had a firm grip. I pulled at Dudley who was just hanging in mid air but just managed to retrieve his little harness and lead. In desperation I quickly scooped him up in my arms, but the dogs ran into me and knocked me to the floor, dropping Dudley, so they went for him again.

“I managed to drag myself away and apart from two bites, and bruises I was not too badly hurt, unlike poor Dudley who has been literally torn apart.”

The attack happened 10 days ago but against the odds Dudley has pulled through despite some nasty bites and daily visits to the vet.

Added Natasha: “The horrid dogs pulled a lot of his tissue out, and punctured him with their teeth right by his lung. He is not in a good way, but the vets believe Dudley will be OK. I hope so, he is a little fighter.”

Last year Dudley fell over a concrete wall on to the V8 Marlborough (the bridge across to Campbell Park),

Natasha said: “I was walking him and he stopped and sniffed and I walked on to the bridge. He didn’t realise, panicked and shot down the bank and straight over the wall onto the V8. He survived that with no more than slight bruising! Dudley is my Superdog and means the world to me.

“He was bought for my 21st birthday to aid my recovery from a longstanding illness.

“Dudley helps me deal with daily challenges I am faced with. He is the reason I get up each day. He is a devoted little chap, and has huge bundles of energy and although small in size he has a huge personality and a character second to none.”

Natasha has reported the incident to police but was told it was not regarded a criminal offence as the attack was on another animal.

She added: “This time they attacked Dudley, but who is to say next time they may not go for a small child? How many little dogs must get savaged before somebody realises the devastation it causes?

Dudley remains completely traumatised and always hides, and on his regular trips to the vets if he crosses paths with any other dog he literally shakes violently in my arms.

“I am also petrified about walking my little dog in the future, as I have no reassurance that it won’t happen again.

“I’m just grateful to the vets at Walnut Tree who helped Dudley but just want to warn others as I really do not want anyone else to go through what I have had to.”