Benefits cheat fined after Heathrow arrest

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A benefit fraudster was arrested at Heathrow Airport and was ordered to pay more than £50,000 at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Lisa Munday, 33, of Whiting Close, Wolverton, had failed to declare the cash amount and had falsely claimed for Housing, Council Tax and Income Support benefits totalling more than £3,500.

The court heard that in a joint investigation by Milton Keynes Council and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) it was discovered Munday had undeclared capital of more than £50,000.

She had been asked to attend interviews to discuss the matter but failed to attend the appointments.

At an earlier hearing in June, Munday was found guilty in her absence under the Social Security Administration Act 1992. A warrant was issued and she was arrested at Heathrow airport.

Munday pleaded not guilty but following documented evidence to prove she had thousands of pounds in a bank magistrates found her guilty.

The court fined her £400 and ordered her to repay the overpaid benefits and awarded £2,000 costs to Milton Keynes Council.

A Corporate Anti-Fraud Team spokesman stated that Milton Keynes Council always seeks to protect the taxpayer and this case should serve as a warning that failure to co-operate with an investigation may still lead to prosecution and result in a large financial penalty.