Big bears and tiny teds help kids in hospital

From left: Graham Dearing, Claire Petford and Peter Moody
From left: Graham Dearing, Claire Petford and Peter Moody

A Masonic charity has donated 145 teddy bears to the children’s ward of the A&E department at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Now in its 14th year, Teddies for Loving Care has distributed over a million teddies to paediatric A&E departments across the UK.

Not only do the teddy bears comfort and calm the children, they also help the nursing staff in appraising and befriending them. Children who receive a teddy get to keep it and take it home.

Last Friday, 144 tiny teds and one big bear were handed over to Milton Keynes Hospital staff nurse Claire Petford by senior Bucks Freemasons Peter Moody and Graham Dearing.

This represents just one month’s supply of teddies for the hospital.

Claire said: “The teddy bears are a tremendous help in dealing with very sick and anxious youngsters. They really do assist us to calm down the children, and are used as demonstration models in the A&E department as well as the X-ray department.”