Bird conservation charity appeals for help with storage

Rick and Elis Simpson, from Newport Pagnell, who founded Wader Quest.
Rick and Elis Simpson, from Newport Pagnell, who founded Wader Quest.

A couple from Newport Pagnell who founded a conservation charity to help birds facing extinction have appealed for help.

Rick and Elis Simpson have been running Wader Quest since 2012 and work to help fund small community projects aiming to protect wading birds on inter-tidal zones across the globe.

Habitats at risk for migratory species, particularly in Asia, are among the conservation issues of concern, says Rick, who has been a birdwatcher all his life.

The couple were living in Brazil and returned to the UK, using their own money to research and set up Wader Quest, but they also spend time fundraising.

Rick said: “One of the things we do to raise money is to run what we call a mobile charity shop. We accept donations of household goods as per any charity shop, but we do not have any premises and sell the items at car boot sales.

A short time ago we found ourselves in a position where our storage - which had been free of charge - was no longer available to us. Since then we have been paying for storage which is eating into the revenue we have available for the projects we hope to support.”

The couple are appealing for anyone who has some storage space for their sales goods - a normal size garage would be the ideal size.

Rick, who has travelled to every continent except Antarctica, explained the plight of one species.

The bar-tailed godwit makes the incredible journey every year from Alaska to New Zealand, stopping on the way at the Yellow Sea. But habitats at the sea are disappearing, leaving the birds vulnerable if their food supply is disrupted, and it is awareness of such conservation issues that the couple are raising.

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If you can help Rick and Elis with storage or sponsorship, email