Black Martis head to Ronnie’s

Black Martis
Black Martis

Instrumental piano based three-piece Black Martis will be in the big smoke this Thursday evening, tickling the ivories – and the ears – of an all-
attentive audience at Ronnie Scott’s.

The legendary jazz venue is a mecca for fans of the genre, and a dream for those stepping to the stage and following in the footsteps of some truly remarkable talents.

The MK boys aren’t quite what you might expect though – ask them to sum up their own creativity and they’ll tell you it mixes “pounding rock and samba-fulled rhythms, aggressive bass lines and flowing piano riffs, along with the occasional 4/4 time signature...”

This isn’t the way it always was, mind you – members previously ‘worked out’ in MK punk-oiks No Cigar and The Extractors. But time moves on, and sounds shift.

Thursday’s show sees BM supporting jazz ace and Texas export Robert Glasper, so don’t bother reaching for your coat, the box office has been bereft of tickets for a good while now.

They have announced a headline date at The Stables on October 31 though, so check in for that instead.

“We work hard to bring the tight, punchy togetherness of a rock band into the jazz trio arena,” pianist Nick Smeaton said.

“Black Martis create a sound big enough to surprise the unsuspecting onlooker in more ways than one.”

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