Bletchley allotment in bare bottom controversy

Bare bottoms and burning tools are the latest accusations at an allotment site which is being plagued with controversy.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 11:32 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 12:33 pm

Pensioner Sally Fidelis was recently given her marching orders from Plot 9 at Bletchley’s Stoke Road allotments because her shed was too big and she hadn’t planted enough vegetables.

But she has responded by reporting the allotment committee to police and the racial equality council.

Her action comes five months after fellow plot-holder Paul Burton was turfed out from the plot he had rented for 25 years. He was told his plot was “too untidy”,

Ms Fidelis claims the allotment officials lost the plot by burning her tools , swearing at her, and making fun of her .

“ Two of them even pulled down their trousers to show her their backsides,” claimed the 65-year-old, who has now been summoned to a ‘disciplinary hearing’ of the committee.

Ms Fidelis has a second plot on the allotment that she uses to grow sweetcorn. She had been banned from going on that plot without direct permission from management until the hearing is over.

“I feel I am hated, discriminated and harassed by these people who think they have so much power,” she said.

Allotment warden Peter Cameron denied the backside-baring allegation and said Sally was evicted because of her “monstrous” shed and lack of vegetables growing on her plot, adding: “All she had was two leeks and a row of celery.

“We asked her to leave and an argument occurred. The treasurer ordered her off and said he would escort her off the allotment.

“She will lose the other plot too if she doesn’t look after it,” warned Mr Cameron, who said there was a waiting list of people for the £10 a year plots.

Stoke Road allotment committee hit the headlines in January this year when they booted out 70-year-old Paul Burton.

The retired Network Rail supervisor had weeds growing after wet weather prevented him from digging.

Secretary Lisa Cameron described his plot as a “hazard to wildlife”.

This week Mr Burton said: “I can’t believe they are using the same bully boy tactics on Sally Fidelis. She’s looked after her plots well for years...The committee is just too power-crazy.”