Bletchley Badger Day to oppose cull plans

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A young environmentalist is leading opposition to the Government’s proposed badger cull.

The plans would see a cull take place in pilot areas in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset in order to combat Bovine Tuberculosis.

But young Green Party member, Lydia Jones, is organising a protest against the proposals, opposed nationally by the likes of former Queen star Brian May.

MK’s Young Greens will be running a stall in Bletchley on ‘Badger Day’, May 18, stocked with petitions for members of the public to sign to show their support.

Miss Jones, from Bletchley, does not believe the proposed cull would reap the results the Government hope it will.

She said: “Badgers are an important part of our wildlife, and there is no evidence that killing them will stop the spread of tuberculosis in dairy herds – vaccinating cattle would be far more effective.”

West Bletchley councillor, Keith Allen, has also stood up in support of the initiative.

He told the Citizen: “It’s really encouraging to see young people seize politics by the scruff of the neck and set the agenda.

“The badger cull is expensive and unnecessary and this action is a great way of highlighting this.”

In addition to running the stall, Young Greens will be writing to schools and colleges to ask them to hold a ‘dairy free day’ in order to highlight issues surrounding the badger cull.

The Young Greens are also calling on members of the public to stop buying milk from retailers that source their milk from dairy farms in the culling areas.

Miss Jones believes consumers should excercise the power they hold over this issue.

“We need to use our power as consumers to fight the killing of Britain’s badger population,” she added.