Bletchley gas explosion exclusive interview: ‘We were lucky to get out alive’


A family said they were “lucky to get out alive” following a gas cylinder explosion in their home early hours of Thursday morning.

The incident, at 4.45am, led to four homes being evacuated in a quiet Bletchley cul-de-sac. Two houses and a garage in Turnberry Close were damaged by fire, and two other houses suffered roof damage.

25 firefighters attended the scene from Bletchley, Great Holm and Broughton, with some remaining at the site for the majority of today while they determine the cause of the explosion and make the area safe. Fire service watch manager Andy Vernon from Bletchley said the fire service is treating the explosion in the same way they would treat a “small bomb”.

25-year-old Jennifer Scarna, lives in the property where the garage exploded while she slept in her bedroom on the ground door. She has lived there with her parents Liz, 48 and Lillo, 57, for 16 years.

She said: “I woke up after a loud bang and saw the door had imploded into my room. It was completely off the hinges and I could just see broken glass and bits of wood everywhere.

“I could smell gas so I was shouting at my parents to hurry up and get out.

“They ran downstairs but my parents couldn’t believe it. I kept saying we need to get out now because I could smell gas.

“The door was locked so it took us a few minutes to escape.”

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service have confirmed that no one was injured during the incident. However one person has been treated for shock and another person who has an existing medical condition received attention at the scene.

Ms Scarna added: “I didn’t know what was going on because everything happened so fast. I could hear my car alarm going off and then there was all this debris falling down.

“At first because we’ve just had our bathroom redone I thought something had gone wrong with that.

“But when I looked out the window towards the garage I could see there was no garage left.

“We were really lucky to get out alive and that no one else was hurt. I think because we were asleep our bodies were relaxed so that was a good thing.

“I’m in shock, but apart from that I’m fine and my parents are now at a relatives taking statements.

“Everyone in the street came out to help and make sure everyone was accounted for. Our neighbour just has a huge hole in her roof, but thankfully she’s okay.

“Everyone heard the explosion and saw what happened so they all called the emergency services which was really good because we didn’t have time to. We were just trying to get out of the house.

Photographs from the scene will appear shortly.