Bletchley Park bigwig named in court claim over alleged £10,000 share deal

The founder of Bletchley Park Capital Partners is the subject of a civil court case over a private business dispute.

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 11:48 am
Updated Thursday, 28th July 2016, 12:49 pm

Tim Reynolds, who is also deputy chairman of the National Museum of Computing, runs a private printing company called Create Online from the Mansion Block at Bletchley Park.

His friend, former betting shop manager Ronald Rounce bought shares in the fledgling company several years ago as an investment for his old age, the court claim states.

It says there was an “understanding” that when Mr Rounce retired in 2014, Mr Reynolds would allow him to cash in the shares, now estimated to be worth £10,000.

But after two years of calling his friend and leaving messages, the money has not been paid, it is alleged.

“At first he (Mr Reynolds) would take my calls and tell me he was on the case and I would receive a cheque but two years down the line I am no closer. He now refuses to take my calls,” states Mr Rounce on the claim form.

He adds: “I’ve contacted him at home and at work, left messages with staff , his family and friends. He never comes back to me.”

Mr Reynolds, who also runs Tilbrook-based lighting specialists Ceravision, has submitted a document of defence to Milton Keynes County Court. In it, he states Mr Rounce’s claim is “denied”.

His defence says there was no written or oral agreement about cashing in the shares, and no potential purchasers.

It states: “The company is privately owned with no active market for the aquisition and disposal of shares...There is no

Mr Reynolds refused to speak to the Citizen but following several of our messages he offered to meet with Mr Rounce this week.

He has now promised he would transfer the cash to the pensioner’s bank account.

“As soon as the money comes, I will cancel my court claim,” said Mr Rounce.

“If the money doesn’t arrive, obviously the case will go ahead on August 9.”

He added: “I’d like to thank the Citizen for your help. Hopefully I can now enjoy my retirement.”