Bletchley Park CEO Iain Standen appears on The One Show

Iain Standen, CEO of Bletchley Park Trust
Iain Standen, CEO of Bletchley Park Trust
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Bletchley Park was again thrust into the media limelight after CEO Iain Standen appeared on The One Show on Wednesday night.

Mr Standen appeared on the BBC show to talk to Olivia Newton John about her father’s work at the historical venue, even telling her things she never knew before.

He said: “Her father worked in Hut 3 decrypting messages by day. However, he was heavily involved in amateur dramatics. I took along a programme from a production called Candlelight, performed in November 1945 which had been signed by the whole cast.

“A lot is known about the history of Bletchley Park but not enough about the people themselves.”

In 1943 Olivia’s father took one of the lead roles in Pride and Prejudice as Mr Darcy and Mr Standen showed her the programme from that performance as well as some photos.

Speaking of his appearance he said: “It was a new experience but the presenters were very good. It’s frantic behind the scenes but they make it look very slick.”