Bletchley Park launches Hut fundraising campaign

Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park is launching its fundraising campaign to restore Hut 11A, which was purpose built to house Bombes.

Bletchley Park is in a race against time to find funding to restore this hut alongside the other, Lottery funded, building works, ready for Bletchley Park’s re-launch in 2014.

Phoenix is the name given by Bletchley Park veterans to the Turing Bombe Rebuild which opened as a major visitor attraction on site in 2007. It is currently housed in Block B alongside the Enigma and Turing Exhibitions. However, its popularity with visitors means we now need to find a bigger home and explain the story to a new generation.

Hut 11a has recently become available and our plan is to restore it as a location for a redeveloped interpretation of the reconstructed Bombe machine and its relationship to Enigma in the decryption process. This means we can return the Huts to its original purpose. The cost of restoring Hut 11a is £250,000.