Bletchley Park to host Safer Internet Day events

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Bletchley Park is to mark Safer Internet Day today (February 7) with a host of events including the unveiling of a refreshed Cyber Security exhibition and an online safety app for children.

A series of Speaker Spotlights will explore how the vital work carried out at the World War Two codebreaking site remains directly relevant to society today. Raj Samani, EMEA Chief Technology Officer at Intel Security, will give a presentation on cybersecurity, while Bletchley Park staff will explore the vulnerabilities of the German Engima encoding system.

The talks, which are open to the public, will take place in The Mansion, with Samani speaking from 11:45-12:15 and Tom Briggs demonstrating the Engima from 14:30-15:00. Additionally, an ‘Ask the Expert’ station manned by Intel Security staff will give visitors the chance to drop in to find out more about staying safe online.

The Cyber Security exhibition, sponsored by Intel Security, has been upgraded with improved interactive and audio experiences. Drawing a direct link with the data processing that happened in Block C during WW2 and the ever-evolving cyber threat, the display will teach visitors how to safely navigate cyberspace.

Intel Security sponsors an Online Safety Education Officer at Bletchley Park and has also teamed up to create a Mail Maze web app that teaches online safety concepts to children in a fun and engaging way. Addressing issues including phishing emails, sharing personal information online and gaming chat, it will help children develop their understanding of online safety.

“Intel Security works tirelessly to protect against ever-increasing online threats,” says Samani. “Our kids are growing up in a digital-first world and are increasingly using devices that are connected to the internet. However, we found that 40% of parents do not monitor their children’s internet usage. Working with Bletchley Park on these Safer Internet Day events allows us to help visitors young and old understand cybersecurity risks and how to avoid them.”