Bletchley Park wins Building with Pride award

Wartime codebreaking centre comes top in vote

The battle is over and Bletchley Park has been named the victor in the Wickes Building with Pride awards.

The public have been voting over the past two months for the building they would be most proud to put their name to and Bletchley Park, made famous for its role in shortening the Second World War, has come out on top.

It finished ahead of The Needles Old Battery in the Isle of Wight and The Cavern Club in Liverpool.

TV celeb builder Tommy Walsh said: "Bletchley Park is not only a great building but it's also where some of the most important intelligence work of the Second World War took place. The British public have rightly recognised this as their first Building with Pride."

Matthew Critchley,of Wickes, said: "The public have really taken this search to heart and have chosen a building that holds an incredibly important place in the British psyche.

"Bletchley Park has come to signify British ingenuity, courage and pride. I can't think of a more worthy winner of the first 'Building with Pride' awards."