Bletchley spelling leaves drivers lost

BLECH' - the road markings on the B&Q roundabout
BLECH' - the road markings on the B&Q roundabout

CLEVER abbreviation or council spelling error?

That’s the question people have been asking as they drive towards the newly revamped B&Q roundabout.

Markings on the road layout close to the roundabout between Bletchley and Denbigh display the word ‘Blech’.

Clearly short for Bletchley someone seems to have missed out a vital ‘t’.

The work was carried out on the double roundabout to make the road easier to use. Now it has re-opened, drivers have been calling the Citizen to ask if the road markings are a mistake.

According to the Urban dictionary, ‘Blech’ is an expression meaning ‘disgusting, yucky, horrid, gross... usually in taste’.

The re-development of the roundabout has now been completed and a council press release sent out today said the new layout ‘is clearly signed on the approaches to the area on both the lanes and in the form of signs to show drivers which lane they need to be in’.

The area has long been a bottleneck for traffic with lengthy queues and regular congestion. The new layout and widening of the road aims to address these issues and manage the traffic flow around the area more effectively, to reduce waiting times.

The final phase of the works was completed this week with the resurfacing and line painting.

This will be followed closely by works to the junction of Sherwood Drive and Buckingham Road, where a larger single roundabout will replace the existing mini-roundabouts and improvements will be made for pedestrians.

Large vehicles travelling in and out of the Denbigh industrial estate will be encouraged to use the Denbigh, then Granby roundabouts instead as this provides more suitable access to the industrial estate.

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