Bloomin’ disaster as bee orchids destroyed


Hundreds of wildflowers have been destroyed after an employee of The Parks Trust accidently mowed them down.

There is now a suspension of ‘longer grass mowing’ to avoid a similar ‘accident’ after a contractor failed to spot the bee orchids in long grass on the V6 in New Bradwell.

“You don’t see these kind of wildflowers often so for someone qualified to have destroyed them is really upsetting,” said Gail Atkinson who lives nearby.

“It is such a shame because they were really nice to look at and it’s not like they were in anybody’s way.”

The Parks Trust says it’s been an exceptional year for bee orchids with a rapid increase of them around the city.

“We’re extremely upset at the loss of these bee orchids, but it was a genuine mistake by one of our contractors,” said Rob Riekie of The Parks Trust.

“Over the last three years we’ve actually increased areas of long grass by 35 per cent to provide a habitat for wildflowers to flourish.

“These ones appeared in an area where they had not grown previously and as bee orchids grow lower than long grass, on this occasion, our contractor did not see them from the sit on mower’s raised position.

“We’ve spoken to the contractor involved and are speaking to individual contractors, suspending longer grass mowing for the time being and looking at mowing schedules in future years to prevent an unfortunate incident like this from happening again.”