Blooming marvellous memories of city’s White Witch and Wizard

Dot Griffiths
Dot Griffiths

A MEMORIAL garden with dragon-shaped flower beds is to be built for the city’s famous White Witch and her Wizard husband – by the parish council they both served for years.

Much-loved Dot Griffiths, alias Madam Morgana, died last August, four years after her husband and soulmate Reg, who was known as Merlin of Avalon.

The colourful couple, as well as casting spells and promoting paganism, both worked tirelessly for Stantonbury Parish Council, where Reg was chairman for several years.

Vice chairman Sandra Kennedy said: “We miss them terribly. They were not your average parish councillors by any means. They were both larger than life characters who were very caring, very kind and extremely community-minded.

“We thought it would be a lovely idea to build a garden in their memory. We have a large patch of land next to our offices and that would be an ideal site.”

Now the parish council is asking people for their ideas for the garden, which will be in Bradville’s Kingsfold.

Already Dot’s daughter Sharon Walker has suggested a dragon flower bed in memory of the Griffiths’ Stantonbury home, which was called Dragon’s Lair.

Because Dot and Reg were such champions for disabled people, the council is considering including a scented garden area for people with sight problems.

Anybody with suggestions can call the parish council on 01908 227201 or email