Bollywood Brass drum up interest in Milton keynes

MPMC Bollywood Brass
MPMC Bollywood Brass

Brass players from schools across Milton Keynes were invited to attend free workshops led by popular London based band - Bollywood Brass and then join them on-stage at a concert in the evening.

The workshops were held during the day at Ousedale, Shenley Brook End and Stantonbury

secondary schools with the concert taking place at The Chrysalis Theatre in Willen.

The event, on June 10, was a huge success; many of the pupils had never played in a group before, let

alone with professional musicians, and a significant number of parents have since contacted

Community Learning MK’s music faculty wanting to sign their children up to music centre groups.

One parent said: “What an excellent evening! The Youth Brass sounded great and Bollywood

Brass were amazing and so inspirational. We had our 12-year-old son (a cellist) with us who

enjoyed the evening immensely and our little eight-year-old was absolutely enthralled too!”

David Rose, vice principal of Community Learning MK, was delighted to see students immerse

themselves in another musical culture: He said: “It was a fantastic evening for all the young brass players

who attended. Bollywood music is one of the most popular types of music in the world and it was

great to see the students learning something new and exciting at the workshops and then be able

to join Bollywood Brass on-stage at the concert that took place afterwards. Lots of people were

dancing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”

The event also allowed Community Learning MK’s music faculty to form links with Bollywood

Brass who will be coming to work with a group of music teachers in the future on developing this

particular style of brass playing and providing brand new resources to facilitate the creation of

a new ‘Bollywood Brass’ programme in primary schools in September. It is anticipated that 200

young people will be taking up brass lessons for the first time, inspired by this highly infectious


This event is just one of many music education projects from Community Learning MK. For more

information, please call 0845 200 0096, email or visit www.milton-