Book Review: ‘Artistic view of a maligned city’

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It’s a new city with a can-do attitude, so maybe that makes it an easy target for those who wish they had what we have.

A recently released book by local artist Cathy Read shows the city in a different light, giving ‘an artistic view of a much maligned city.’

The book was commissioned back in 2012, and Cathy set about the job in hand.

“Planned as a series of paintings inspired by Milton Keyes, the aim was to reflect the life of this dynamic city and show a cultured side to an often maligned place,” she explains.

The Point is one of the featured pieces, and each of the paintings is accompanied by the reference photos used, together with work-in-progress shots.

It talks you through Cathy’s creative process with ease.

If you are from the area, you’ll recognise the buildings and the areas, old and new, making it a nice addition to the bookshelf.

Alternatively, purchase for those out-of-towners you know, and let them see the city in a different, decidedly flattering, light.

The Milton Keynes Project is available through Amazon at £19.95 in hardback, £14.95 in paperback.

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