Boot Camp Challenge this weekend

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A NEW physical challenge is coming to town this weekend, and everyone is invited to take part.

The FitMK Boot Camp Challenge will be hitting the city on September 10 and is a timed run and obstacle fitness race to test people’s ability and agility whilst having fun.

In this, the second video, organiser Simon from FitMK takes you through some of the obstacles such as cargo nets, sandbag lift and finally a walk through the lake to give some handy tips and prove its easy for anyone to give it a go.

The event will start from Willen Lake and set off on a multi-terrain run that will take people into the hills of Campbell Park, there the route has been devised to test your ability to keep going, as the undulating hills of Campbell Park are visited and conquered. Entrants will then make their way back on the flat, and slightly downhill, run to Willen Lake.

Upon entering the Lakes area people will find a series of ‘Challenges’, including ‘The Mud Tub’ standing in the way of you and the finish line, some of the challenges will test you, some will make you have to dig deep and find your focus, BUT all are doable and EVERYONE will finish via the Lake Wade!! Tread where no-one has had to tread before and get cleaned off a bit at the same time!

FitMK founder and drill instructor, Simon Williams, said: “The aim of the event is to get people outside, exercising but ultimately having fun. The point is that it will be a challenge but one that is achievable.

“People of all abilities will be tested but the challenges are not meant to scare you off, they’re supposed to push you.”

To find out more and to enter the Boot Camp challenge visit