Boy, 10, admits to carrying ‘knife’ in school playground

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A 10-year-old boy admitted to carrying a “bladed article” in school after being accused of threatening another child in the playground.

Police were called to Giffard Park Primary School shortly before 3pm last Monday, responding to allegations that an 11-year-old girl had been threatened with a knife.

The boy, in Year 6, is alleged to have threatened the girl with what is thought to have been a pen knife after a lunch time game “got out of hand”.

It’s thought no teachers or school staff witnessed the incident at the time. Police were called a couple of hours later and parents told after school had finished.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: “Police were called to Giffard Park Primary School at 2.51pm on Monday, November 4.

“Police officers attended the school, following which a pupil was issued with a Youth Restorative Disposal after admitting being in possession of a bladed article.”

Police say a Youth Restorative Disposal is a measure that offers a “quick and proportionate response to a young person’s low-level offending”.

It is only possible to use a YRD for a first offence and both the victim and harmer must agree to participate.

But an official reprimand is not good enough for some parents who contacted the Citizen to say their children are scared to go to school, with one even claiming that her daughter pretends to be unwell in a bid to avoid going to school and seeing the boy involved in the incident.

A worried mum said: “He was suspended for four days but I don’t think he should be allowed back in the school.

“I don’t think the school is equipped to deal with such severe behavioural issues. I’m not sure any school would be.

“He has not been punished properly for it.”

The young boy is now said to be under the constant supervision of school staff.

This week the school sent a letter to parents informing them there had been an incident and to reassure them that they were taking measures to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

Headteacher Lynn Samwell-Smith told the Citizen: “We can confirm the police were called to an incident at Giffard Park Primary School last week.

“Both the behaviour and safety of our pupils is of paramount importance to us, and the school has taken the necessary steps to address the issues with the pupils involved.

“To date the school has had an excellent behaviour record and this has been an isolated incident.

“The good behaviour of our children at Giffard Park is something that we must not lose sight of.”