Boy, 13, pledges to help child refugees

Joe Inchley
Joe Inchley

Shocking scenes from across the Mediterranean has inspired a 13-year-old boy to fundraise for children “less fortunate” than him.

Joe Inchley hopes to raise £110 for Save The Children by hosting a cake sale with afternoon tea in Wolverton.

The Radcliffe School student says he hopes to “make a difference” to the current refugee crisis.

He said: “I cannot imagine how awful it must be to have no home, to live in fear of my life and perhaps lose my family.

“And it’s not fair that other children are living in a nightmare.”

Joe set up his fundraising page on Goodwill Giving - a website recently launched by 13-year-old Anna Bradley.

She used all her savings to launch the UK’s first crowdfunding site that sets up personal fundraising campaigns for those in need.

He now hopes the people of Milton Keynes will get behind him to play a part in the refugee crisis.

Joe added: “I chose Save the Children fund, as they work, not only in Syria, but in more than 120 countries to save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfil their potential.

“The money we raise will make a difference.”

Join Joe on September 27 in the scout hut.

Or to donate, visit